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Hello, I’m JP Narowski.
I’m a Fullstack Developer and Serial Business Owner.

I LOVE building ROI focused MVPs


Fundamentally, I’m an entrepreneur. After pooling years of real world experience in marketing, business development and management, my journey led me to karmaCRM, a web-based SAAS CRM company with a product I engineered to fit the needs of small businesses. I chose the name “Karma” because I’m a big believer in good things coming around to those who dispense good vibes out into the world.

A few things I LOVE

Good Coffee Good coffee

one think delicious cup in the morning

Moving Fast Moving fast

skiing, mountain biking

Scaring Myself Scaring myself

through travel and stepping out of my comfort zone

Contact Info


Clickflow Logo 2017 - Present Clickflow

Clickflow is SEO A/B testing software, focusing on enterprise e-commerce sites. I am a Co-founder and CTO for Clickflow. I manage our entire application front to back. Our application is a complex SPA/API combo that is distributed across several micro services, serverless functions and kubernetes clusters.

KarmaCRM Logo 2011 - 2019 karmaCRM

karmaCRM was born of a frustration after 6 months of trying every existing CRM and sales software on the market. I have primarily played the CEO role, but have also managed all of the development, including hiring and mentoring technical talent.

Meta Spring Logo 2007 - 2012 Metaspring

I was Co-founder of MetaSpring. MetaSpring was a digital marketing and app development agency. During my time at MetaSpring, I split my time between CTO and CRO, handling sales and bringing in business in the morning, then putting on my CTO hat to manage all of our developers and even getting wrote some code. We went from $0 to $100k in monthly revenue over a two year period. I left MetaSpring to pursue my passion for the SAAS world, and started karmaCRM to create a tool that unified my sales and development experience.

Amish Tables Logo 2004 - 2019 Amish Tables

I helped grow Amish Tables from $60,000 in annual sales to over $1.5 million over a 3 year span. My role at Amish Tables was primarily CEO, but I also helped coordinate the technlogy and built several of our backends (custom e-commerce projects) to house the complexity of the Amish furniture buying and customization process.



Coding Philosophy

My overall coding philosophy is short, readable methods, domain driven design, and the single responsibility principle. I started with OScommerce, hacked my way through PHP 15 years ago, and been knee deep in code ever since.


I believe in heavy unit testing, and light integration testing with something like Nightwatch or Selenium. I don't believe in dogmatically adhering to anything, and instead to decide what fits best based on the situation.

  • React 3 yrs
  • Redux 3 yrs
  • VueJS 2 yrs
  • Angular 2 yrs
  • Ionic 3 yrs
  • BackboneJS 7 yrs
  • Webpack 4 yrs
  • Ruby 10 yrs
  • Rails (since 1.x) 10 yrs
  • MySQL 10 yrs
  • Postgres 2 yrs
  • Elastic Search 3 yrs
  • Docker 3 yrs
  • Kubernetes 6 mo